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Course Syllabus

Randolph Carter Junior High
Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Tanzer

Course Description:

The Bay City Adventures are a series of short adventures for Monsters and Other Childish Things, loosely connected by recurring characters and a common setting, the fictional Bay City. Players (mostly) play characters who are students at Randolph Carter Junior High, ordinary kids with extraordinary friends, monsters!

Major Instructional Goals:

Monsters and Other Childish Things (M&OCT) is a comic horror role playing game, which juxtaposes the mundane trials and tribulations of growing up with Lovecraftian horror, as seen through a lens of pop culture humor and rounded off with the judicious use of puns.

General Rules:

Players take the role of a child who shares a symbiotic, psychic bond with a monster, which protects the kid and, in turn, feeds on the “surplus” emotions of it’s host. Though these monsters are very real, they are kept secret from the world at large, and for good reason…

Alternately, some players may take the role of Weird Kids, whose strange powers set them apart from society at large.

M&OCT uses is a simplified version of the One Roll Engine, as developed for the superhero games Godlike and Wild Talents. This system uses a pool of ten-sided dice, which are rolled to generate a pool of numbers, with the intent of getting matching sets of numbers to determine success. The quantity of matching dice and the number rolled describe various qualities of the success, allowing most actions to be resolved with a single roll.


As with most RPGs, M&OCT is a collaborative game, where “success” is measured chiefly by the fun had. That said, the world is under assault from forces beyond the ken of man and, for various reasons, the PCs are the only ones in the right place at the right time to save the world, so don’t mess up.

Due to the largely disconnected nature of adventures, players are not required to use the same characters from story to story. Kids who are being re-used will have opportunities to tweak their stats at the beginning of each adventure. Additionally, Experience Points earned from previous adventures can be used at the start of a new story.

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The Bay City Adventures

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