Weird Skills

Weird Skills are unique abilities possessed by Weird Kids and connected directly to whatever source their weirdness comes from.

Like regular skills, Weird Skills are connected to an Ability, and rolls using them combine that skill’s rating with the Ability’s. Unlike regular skills, however, Weird Skills have very specific uses, that often allow the kid to do amazing things.

At creation, Weird Kids may distribute up to seven dice amongst their weird skills, and may gain additional dice (up to three) from investing in their Weird Relationships. Be warned: The more dice a kid has devoted to Weird Skills, the more obvious his weirdness.

To create a Weird Skill, a player first comes up with a concept for that power and assigns it to an Ability, gives it one quality (Attack, Defend, or Useful) and spends at least one die on it. Additional qualities and ranks in extras may be purchased at an exchange of one die each, just like creating monster parts.

A player does not have to spend all of their Weird Dice right away, instead, they may be saved up for later, allowing new abilities to be discovered when their kid is in a pinch. Dice that are being held in reserve like this do not count against towards the kid’s Weirdness. However, once purchased, these dice can’t be taken back; Weird Kids can only get weirder.

Weird Skills

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