The Rocktopus

The Rocktopus is Myers Myers’s monster friend.

The Rocktopus is a giant octopus who protects most of his soft body inside a water-filled glass jar. His eight, long arms are covered in suckers that allow him to move as easily on walls and ceilings as on the land. His two large eyes are eerily human, showing his keen intelligence. At the center of his tentacles is a sharp, parrot-like beak with a vicious bite.

Personality: The Roctopus loves to commiserate and suggest absurd distractions or convoluted revenges. He enjoys misery because then there’s more to bitch about.

Favorite Thing: Watching disappointment. Seeing would-be homebuyers get turned down for a loan? Endless fun.

Way To Hide: The Rocktopus retreats into his jar, which shrinks down the size of a mason jar. He can shrink it further, to jelly-jar size, but always complains bitterly about being cramped afterwards.

Hit location numbers and names Dice Qualities Extras
1-2 – Sharp Beak 7 Attacks Gnarly x3
3-4 – Deep-Adapted Eyes 6 Useful (see in the dark); Awesome x2,
Useful (see what people hate about themselves) Sharing
5-7 – Eight Wobbly Arms 8 Attacks; Useful(grabbing and crushing); Spray x2,
Useful (sense vibrations); Wicked Fast x2
Useful: (crawl on any surface)
8 – Ink Jet 4 Attacks Area x1
9-10 – Glass Shell 7 Defends Tough x3

The Rocktopus

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