The Gryphon

The Gryphon is Henna Lawesone’s monster friend.

Body of a lion, head and forelegs of an eagle, big wings, Grif looks pretty much like you’d expect, though somehow that’s all a little bit disturbing when seen in the flesh. You met the Gryphon ages ago on a fantastic adventure and he led to strange people who told you wonderful tales. At first, you thought it was just a recurring dream, but then you started to see him during the day…

Personality: Grif is a lazy, good-natured monster with a habit of running his mouth. He tends to be rude (if witty) behind people’s backs; often making you chuckle at inappropriate times with a snarky bon mot. When he gets excited and focused on a goal, he can become overbearing, dismissing the objections and dismays of others, even you. He can’t keep silent long, if he tries he starts to cough noisily, "Hjckrrh!”

Favorite Thing: Hearing a new story. Grif will go to great, even dangerous lengths to hear a new tale and the more gossipy the tale, the better. He loves to tell you these stories too, often keeping you up with all the gossip and yarns he’s collected during the day.

Way To Hide: Grif flies high into the sky until he just looks like a bird hovering around.

Hit location numbers and names Dice Qualities Extras
1-4 – Lion Body 9 Defends; Useful (Run) Awesome x2,
Tough x5, Wicked Fast x3
5-6 – Eagle Wings 5 Useful (Fly); Attack Area x2,
Wicked Fast x2
7-8 – Sharp Talons 7 Attack Gnarly x2,
Wicked Fast x1
9-10 – Vicious Beak 7 Attack; Useful (Eagle Eyes) Awesome x2,
Gnarly x1

The Gryphon

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