People form powerful connections with other people, places, things, and even ideas called Relationships. Kids in particular can benefit powerfully from these bonds, using them to bulk out their die rolls in situations where these relationships can come into play. For example, if Emily’s mom is insulted by a bully, Emily can add her dice in Relationship: Mom (3) to her roll.

There is, however, some risk to doing this, as if you use Relationship dice and still fails, your Relationship suffers for it. Relationships in this way are Shocked, reduced by one die. This penalty remains until you are able to spend some Quality Time with the other half of your Relationship, a prospect that becomes more difficult the more that relationship is Shocked.

Be warned: failing Quality Time rolls results in permanent damage to your Relationship! So make sure your monster friend knows it’s very important not to get up to any antics while you are trying to have some pleasant time with your estranged father.

(Note: Nothing says relationships have to be healthy. A stalker’s relationship with her obsession is, rules-wise, the same as one between a normal kid and his parents.)

Relationships and Monsters

You can lend Relationship dice to your monster to super-charge it, but there’s a big risk. If your monster gets it’s butt kicked, it’s opponent can eat your Relationship! So for real, be careful with that one.


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