Randolph Carter Junior High

Bay City’s public middle school. Serving grades 6-8, it is a campus-style school, spread out over several multi-purpose buildings.

The school is near Ashton Park.

A Building

The three-story main building of the school, containing the majority of the classrooms.

The Library

The library building also holds the administration offices and the computer labs.

The C Building

The first floor of the C Building contains two cafeterias and the art rooms. The upper floor is mostly large classrooms, such as science labs.

The Gym

The first floor of this building is divided into two gyms, each with boys and girls locker rooms. The second floor contains few classrooms, the home ec. rooms and some multi-purpose rooms.

The Shop

The Shop, the smallest building on campus, is chiefly used to house equipment used for maintaining the school grounds, but also includes the shop classrooms.

The Theater

The Theater is dominated by a large auditorium/theater, used for dramatic productions and for special presentations. It also contains some small classrooms and the music rooms.

The Courtyard

Most of the school’s buildings are built around the courtyard. On nice days, students often linger here a bit on their way to class to socialize. Eighth graders in good standing are allowed to eat lunch outside!


The school has two parking lots, one for visitors and teachers, and one for the district’s buses. It has four fields used for gym class and by the school’s teams. Also, a modest skate park is maintained by the town on school grounds in a vain attempt to keep skaters contained.

Randolph Carter Junior High

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