Kristy the Spider Queen

Kristy is Ronnie Hai’s monster friend.

Kristy is a giant spider, but very few people ever have the misfortune of realizing that. She hides behind a perfectly lifelike puppet that is a total match for fashion mogul and personal idol Kristy Carter.

Personality: Like Ronnie, Kristy regards the real Kristy as the pinnacle of cool, and attempts to match this 21st century Coco Chanel as best as possible. She is eloquent, droll, and always ready with a charmingly biting appraisal of others. But she never gets it quite right; her persona is derived from careful absorption of countless interviews, essays, photoshoots, etc, but she misses those little, human details. Those who go away thinking they’ve met Kristy Carter often go away thinking the real Kristy is a very strange person.

Favorite Thing: Making Ronnie, herself, and, to a lesser extent, everybody look good. Kristy has no innate creativity, but keeps a multifaceted eye on the real Kristy’s latest designs, adapting them from runway fashion to retail fashion based on a synthesis of Carter’s past designs. She wants Ronnie to always have the best, hippest look.

Way To Hide: When Kristy dangles her puppet ahead of her (or down from the ceiling or wherever) total application of her hypnotic pheromones keeps anyone from noticing the giant spider right over there. Unfortunately, her disguise is a celebrity, which means that when she really wants to go incognito, she needs to dress the puppet in an unfashionable hoodie and casual-wear, which annoys her to no end.

Hit location numbers and names Dice Qualities Extras
1-2 – Industrial-Strength Spinnerets 6 Attacks; Useful (Spin Fabric) Spray x2,
Wicked Fast x1
3-4 – Long Spider Legs 6 Attacks; Useful (Walk on walls) Awesome x2,
Tough x1
5-6 – Black Spider Body 7 Defends; Useful (Spider Senses) Tough x2
7-8 – Delicate Manipulators 6 Attacks; Useful (Tailor) Gnarly x1,
Wicked Fast x2
9-10 – Gorgeous Puppet 6 Defends; Useful (Fashion Sense) Tough x1
Useful (Hypnotic Pheromones);
Useful (Do Anything a Human Can)

Kristy the Spider Queen

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