The default rules do not address the issue of range or conflicts that cover a wide area. The new Farness rules offer a simple system for tackling distance based on relative distance.

The Farness Scale

The distance between targets is rated on a scale of one to six (and, technically, beyond). This is a deliberately abstract way of determining range, and can take into account both distance and terrain.

1 – Up In Your Face
2 – Just Out of Reach
3 – A Stone’s Throw
4 – A Long Shot
5 – Way Out There
6 – Going
7+ – Gone, Baby, Gone

Default Farness

Action scenes where distance may be important have a Default Farness (DF), describing how spread out things are. A typical classroom would have a DF of 2, and a wide-open street would have a DF of 4. Unless otherwise stated, the distance between anything is equal to the DF.


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