Daphne Dare and The Mystery Club

A series of young adult novels by CJ Mayer, which tell the story of Daphne Dare, girl adventurer and her friends. The series is noted for it’s witty banter, Mayer’s attention to historical detail, and a “just right” balance of character drama and pulp adventure.

Each of the six published books is set during Daphne’s summer vacation (and thus each book has been a year apart). The fourth book was an exception to this, as it was primarily a prequel story set within a frame story within Daphne’s 8th grade year. The subsequent books have had a far more “adult” tone than the initial trilogy, much to the delight of an audience that has grown up with Daphne.

Publication of the books has stalled out for unknown reasons, stranding the series’ cult following with the shocking cliffhanger of book 6, The Cursed Sword of Fate. This last book was Mayer’s most acclaimed book to date and is Henna Lawesone’s favorite book.

The last chapters of book 6 were breifly brought to life in The Doom That Came to Randolph Carter Jr High.


Daphne Dare — Strong, intelligent and a good role model for girls, she is the daughter of a famous archeologist and “real-world adventurer.”

The Mystery Club — A group of teen sleuths, who Daphne befriended earlier in her adventures.
Sara Fowler — spunky young reporter
Eddie “Brains” MacAllastar — the recalcitrant genius
Johnny Spack — Sara’s young cousin, comic relief
Carrie Castor — the popular one, unofficial leader

Prince Aten — An Ancient Egyptian prince, reanimated mummy, and, in the later books, Daphne’s love interest.

The Outsider — Daphne’s sinister foe.

Daphne Dare and The Mystery Club

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