Bitey the Shark

Bitey is Mackenzie’s monster friend.

Bitey is a buff, anthropomorphic shark on rollerblades with attitude. Possibly inspired by a short-lived cartoon when you were a little kid unless you just dreamed that, Bitey’s been around as long as you’ve been able to skate, which is almost as long as you’ve been able to walk. As you grew up, Bitey’s grew more EXTREME, but recently, as you’ve begun to realize there is more to life than skating (like boys!), Bitey’s sort of plateau’d and doesn’t really get why you’re starting to find him a little exhausting.

Personality: Bitey is a corruption of the safe “extreme” attitude you may remember from everything in the 90s. In one breath, he’ll urge you on to radder, more dangerous tricks and remind you to always wear a helmet and proper safety gear. But under his cartoonish behavior is a strung-out recklessness, brought on by an utter inability to learn from his mistakes and his single-minded shark instincts. Everything good is “Extreme!” and/or “Jawesome!”

Favorite Thing: Being RAD. If Bitey had his way, every day would be the X-Games.

Way To Hide: Bitey dives into an advertisement on a sign, package, lunchbox, etc. becoming a mascot, thumbs up and declaring the product to be “Jawesome!”

Hit location numbers and names Dice Qualities Extras
1-2 – Slammin’ Skates 7 Defends; Useful (Skate) Awesome x1
Wicked Fast x2
3-5 – Burly Bod 10 Defends; Useful Awesome x1
(Swallow anything) Tough x3
6 – Dangerous Dorsal 4 Useful (swim in ground) Awesome x1
7-8 – Bulging Biceps 6 Attacks; Defends Awesome x2
Tough x1
9-10 – Jawesome Jaws 5 Attacks; Useful Awesome x2,
(smell fear and weakness) Gnarly x2

Bitey the Shark

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