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  • Monsters and Other Childish Things

    _Monsters and Other Childish Things_ is a funny, frightening, action-packed roleplaying game about kids and the people who matter to them most — their friends, family and loved ones. And their horrifying pet monsters. Players take the roles of …

  • Daphne Dare and The Mystery Club

    A series of young adult novels by CJ Mayer, which tell the story of Daphne Dare, girl adventurer and her friends. The series is noted for it's witty banter, Mayer's attention to historical detail, and a "just right" balance of character drama and pulp …

  • Doctor Carter Blake

    A celebrity scientist, known widely for her highly accessible television shows, her unique philosophical bent, best-selling books, and her good looks.

  • Kristy Carter

    Designer and all-around celebrity, Kristy Carter is known for bringing _haute couture_ to teens. Though known as a trendsetter, she has never attained the level of popularity and exposure that more flash-in-the-pan celebrities get. This is due partly to …

  • Riley Paul

    An extreme-sports superstar who has won Olympic medals at both summer and winter games and lent his name to everything from video games to clothes. He is regarded as one of the major players in the resurgence of inline skating's popularity.

  • Weird Kids

    Kids with monsters don't have a monopoly on the strange, there are also _Weird Kids,_ kids trapped between two worlds — one the world of classes and sports and popularity and all that kid stuff, and the other of the... well... _other._ Weird Kids have …

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