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  • Ashton Park

    A long, windy park, a short distance from [[Kelley Street]] and adjacent to [[Randolph Carter Junior High]]. It is a well-lit park with many footpaths that are popular with joggers and rollerbladers. In [[The Doom That Came to Randolph Carter Jr High …

  • Carcossa

    A dark mirror-world, home of the [[Shadowmen]]. In [[The Doom That Came to Randolph Carter Jr High]], [[Jimmi Pellti]] came here in his attempt to summon the Ultimate Monster.

  • Potter's Field

    A large, low-income housing development in the Northeast of town, on the "other side" of the [[Gernsback River]]. It has a bad rep, largely due to the activities of [[The War Dogs]].

  • The Gernsback Mall

    Everyone loves the mall! Especially high schoolers, who rule the mall with an iron fist after [[Bay City High School|school]] lets out. The Mall is in the Northeast of town, alongside the [[Gernsback River]]. It is a cookie-cutter type mall, populated …

  • Bay City High School

    The high school is pretty much unknown territory for the kids. It lies between the [[Town Center]] and [[The Gernsback Mall]].

  • Town Center

    The Bay City Town Center is the most built up area of town, a few blocks where things feel like a _real_ city. It has some large chain stores, restaurants, and other shopping, but it is chiefly home to big offices, banks, and other boring grown-up stuff.

  • Lake Providence

    A vast, roughly circular, freshwater lake, one of the largest in North America. Geologists believe it to have been caused by a meteoric impact, late in the last ice age. Bay City sits along one edge of the lake, at a bay where the [[Gernsback River]] …

  • Randolph Carter Junior High

    Bay City's public middle school. Serving grades 6-8, it is a campus-style school, spread out over several multi-purpose buildings. The school is near [[Ashton Park]]. h4. A Building The three-story main building of the school, containing the …

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