The Bay City Adventures

The Doom That Came to Randolph Carter Jr High
The Story So Far

This adventure occurred near the beginning of the school year in which Ronnie Hai (the oldest of the kids) was in 8th Grade.

It started out as a normal enough night. Everyone on Kelley Street was fast asleep when wannabe sorcerer Jimmi Pellti kicked off the next phase of his mad plan, abducting Bitey, The Gryphon, Kristy, and The Rocktopus!

Following him, the kids has a brief run in with members of a local gang, The Devastators, a short conversation with The Janitor, and finally the arrived at the school. They discovered a strange, locked door, then set about finding their monsters.

Entering the library in search of Grif, they found themselves in the world of Daphne Dare and The Mystery Club and discovered the The Cursed Sword of Fate. Claiming this artifact unraveled the illusory world, including the illusion by which Henry Humphries had been disguised as Prince Aten. In the now-normal library, Henna was reunited with Grif, who had been imprisoned in a good book.

Next they sought The Rocktopus in the science classrooms and entered “Randolph Carter Junior High Shinty-Sixth Semi-Annual Science Fair.” Myers’ presentation met the approval of celebrity judge, Doctor Carter Blake and soon he found himself in robot vs. robot combat with Rebecca Cole. Now the winner of the Shinty-Sixth Grand Prize, Myers freed the Rocktopus.

Heading north to the gym in search of Kristy, they discovered their way blocked. In order to enter the Home Ec. room, Alan Brosky challenged Ronnie first to a game of basketball, then in an election to determine class president. Having proved his game and won the Key To The School, Ronnie dispelled an illusory Kristy Carter and reunited with his Kristy.

On the way to rescue Bitey, the kids ran into The Devestators again. After wiping the parking lot with them, the kids entered The Infinite Skate Park. Mackenzie followed skating idol Riley Paul through the maze like park, raced Hawk around a convoluted circuit, crossed a broken section of park crawling with Jimmi Pellti’s Shadowmen, and reunited with Bitey.

The group restored, it was time to take the fight to Jimmi Pellti. The kids entered the strange door and were teleported to Carcossa, a strange mirror of our world. They followed crowds of Shadowmen to the school’s theater, where the kids were seated by their ensorcelled rivals and watched a very hypnotic play.

Bert, however, was not affected by the performance and stopped the show. Ronnie defeated The King In Yellow in a dance-off of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, forcing Jimmi Pellti to reveal himself. He revealed his plan, to sacrifice Hawk, Brosky, Henry, and Becca’s monsters to summon the Ultimate Monster. In a shocking display of badassery/violence, the kids tore Jimmi apart, stopping his ritual. Then, with the aide of Bert’s friends, the Cats of Ulthar, they learned a mystic ritual that allowed them to seal the rift he had opened, saving the universe.

The End.


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